Muscle College with Dr. Layne Norton & Dr. Jake Wilson! The Doctors Interview with Dr. Chris Fahs & Dr. Lindy Rossow Competition Prep Researchers


Muscle College with Dr. Layne Norton & Dr. Jake Wilson!

Hosted by Dr. Layne Norton!


In this episode of muscle college radio, the docs interview Dr. Chris Fahs and Dr. Lindy Rossow.  Not only do they both have their PhDs in exercise science, but they are engaged to each other, both powerlift competitively, and Chris is an IFPA pro bodybuilder.  But more than that, they live the science lifestyle and are the first researchers we know of to publish a case study examining the physiological and psychological responses to bodybuilding contest prep.  They have a paper accepted in the International Journal of Sports Physiological Performance entitled "Natural Bodybuilding Competition Preparation and Recovery: A 12-Month Case Study."  This case study tracked Dr. Fahs' last contest prep from 6 months before the show until 6 months after his show.  The article is accepted for publication but will not be published for almost another year, but the Muscle College Radio listeners get to hear the results FIRST! Do not miss this exclusive interview.  





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